Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dear Best Friend, I love you

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In life you make many acquaintances, some turn into friendships and few of those turn into best friends.. 

Today was the day we were told we were losing ours. Although they are only hours away its a big jump from across the street. Worst part about it is we didn't get to say goodbye. I know that we will keep in touch and our bond will never be broken, the thought that when we come home you won't be there leaves us very heart broken. We're loosing our partners in crime, our shoulder to lean on, our escape or our entertainment. Our exploring buddy, our friend. 

Love you guys and have safe travels. Make sure to visit soon <3 summer / life won't be the same without you here. 

Side by Side, Or Miles Apart, Real Friends are Always Close at Heart <3 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Joys of Summer Rain

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Sometimes in the summer the weather likes to be bipolar and go from 100+ to raining and in the 50+. Most people stay in by the fire, cuddle watch movies, eat popcorn or drink warm drinks..... We like to go on an adventure and get messy. 

Like laying in muddy puddles 

Or splashing with a friend 

Or painting puddles till they are just a beautiful mess <3 

The best thing about summer rain, is the memories you make by taking the time to slow down and connect

This definitely helps make it worth it too.. 

Would love to hear your favorite rainy day activity!  :)