Friday, January 27, 2012

Your unforgettable

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Today I was on pinterest poking around and found this adorable elephant craft that I decided that little G and I just had to do.

First we made hearts, then cut the hearts out. For the ears and trunk we made a heart with the letter J at the end of it for the trunk. Then I let him go to town with the glue ( going to attempt to make my own glue soon ) I laid out some heart stickers and eyes.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shape penguins

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I got this idea while poking through a fellow blogger called criss- cross applesauce ( sorry mobile and can't link will do later) after seeing how cute it was I decided I wanted to do it with little G.

First I cut out the shapes for him and we talked about what they were. ( beak was a triangle, body rectangle... And so on ) then let him go glue crazy and place the pieces on how ever he felt they needed to go.

As you can see we have a mutant penguin. :)) makes it that much more special.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Homemade stress balls

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We made home made stress balls to go in our calm down basket for when little G needs a small "time in" with mommy to help with feelings. So far we have a few books about feelings
And made a mind jar ( glitter and water and corn syrup in a jar shake and watch the glitter fall ) and now added out stress balls.

For the stress balls we made homemade playdoh with lavender and vanilla extract. You could just use playdoh from the dollar store but I wanted the scents. Then open the ballon and stuff in as much as you want, squeeze to get out the air and tie. Draw on faces and squeeze away :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Best of 2011

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I'm participating in a blog hop for the best 2011 kid posts with some amazing bloggers! Such as, The Golden Gleam, hands on : as we grow,Toddler Approved, Red Ted Art, The Iowa Farmer’s Wife, The Outlaw Mom Blog, Let Kids Create, Come Together Kids, Creative With Kids, Science sparks, Mama Smiles, Rainy Day Mum, teach mama, Kitchen Counter Chronicles, The Imagination Tree, JDaniel Fours Mom, Teach Preschool, De tout et de rien: Activit├ęs pour le Pr├ęscolaire, Tinkerlab, Mama Pea Pod, Crayon Freckles, Sun Hats & Wellie Boots, From Tantrums To Treasure Hunts, My Creative Family, Classified: Mom, Puddles and Gumboots, Art For Little Hands, Creative Connections for Kids, At home with Ali, Nurturestore, The Chocolate Muffin Tree, Critters and Crayons, The Mommies Made Me Do It

Check them out and if you like link up one of your own!

I'd have to say my favorite post of 2011 would be the Golf Tee Turkeys we did for thanksgiving. They were so easy and fun. :))