Monday, July 15, 2013

Never curse at your corn again!

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If your like me you love corn on the cob, but dread and possible even spend more money on it already cleaned because of fact that you have to deal with the gross stringy mess, also know as shucking it.

  ( That is my I don't wanna do this face ) 

Well fear and make gross faces no longer!! I have the solution and it is in 3 fool proof, sit back and relax steps!  


Place that bad chicken ( or corn ) in your handy dandy microwave and heat for 4 minutes per ear. During this time you can prepare  your other dishes, go to the bathroom or simply pour a glass of wine and enjoy :) 


Carefully pull out those suckers, they are beyond hot and will hurt almost as much as stepping on a Lego with bare feet 

       Cut about an inch off the bottom 

It should look like this after you have cut the bottom 


Now you get to practice your Harlem shake, okay just kidding. However, you do grab it by the opposite side of where you cut it and shake that puppy in an upward then downward motion ( it should slide our petty easily ) shakey shakey 

See how pretty and clean! No go fourth and eat that corn you have been eyeballing ;) 

Let me know how it works for you