Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Great Balls Of Fur

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Meet Tanner, the new little fluff ball that has stolen our hearts and chews on everything he can driving me insane trying to teach him not to.

He was born on 6/14/13, Was brought into the Kuhn household 8/3/13. He is a ball of energy. We got him for our son so he could have a pal. We have a Chihuahua but he is more of an old lady lay around all day on your lap kind of dog... not really the kind for a crazy 4 year old. He is a Golden Retriever and extremely smart. At his first vet appointment on 8/7 he weighed 12.3 pounds, and i can guarantee the way he eats he is at least 15 pounds now. 

He loves to play in the grass and chew on sticks and pull weeds for me. He still doesn't know what to think of water but we are working on that. He hates loud noises so we are working on those too. He is really big love bug and just wants to play and cuddle. We have him on a pretty good schedule now so no more waking up every 2 hours!! 

He is defiantly loved and an amazing new addition to our family. Makes me happy to know that they will grow up together and be best buds. 

Do you have a childhood pet? If so, what breed was it and what was it named? What is your favorite memory? 

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