Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calander - - Day One

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Today is December 1st!! Can't believe how fast time has seemed to go by. So today we started our advent calendar that we made yesterday, along with the Creative Christmas Countdown.

Little G got to open the first bag today, there was a cookie inside :))

The activity for the day was to make reindeer hand print craft.( I have been pretty obsessed with hand and foot prints lately)
so we got busy at work.. started out with doing the hand prints on the paper... which lead to finger painting on other paper and then off to the bath. So i didn't get any photos of the hand print process. After bath was lunch and then he glued on the eyes and nose. He turned out kind of goofy looking for some reason. so we might have to re-visit this activity later this month or later today if i am feeling daring