Thursday, March 8, 2012

From bottom to top

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Wow this last week and half has had it major up and downs.

Ups started with little G deciding on his own he wanted to potty train. Averaging one accident a day ( excluding nap and bedtime undies ) even poops!

Then the down... My husbands grandpa died. It has been rough on my FIL and husband and it's sad to hear little G say great grandpa sleeping because I know he doesn't understand :(

And then ups again, little G has gone TWO days in the SAME undies! Yup accident free even nap and bedtime! I want to do a special potty trained party for him if we keep it up :) I am a super proud mama. And he has done it all on his own :)

So between the ups and the downs we are doing okay and moving forward one day at a time. We have so many things to be happy and grateful for and I know that when we hit a rough patch we have each other.

RIP grandpa and great grandpa. You were loved and adored by many. And I know you are better now. Thank you for touching our lives