Friday, September 14, 2012

I like to eat apples and ... alligators?

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So here at the kuhnfamily household we are starting our new preschool curriculum for this year. It's not really a curriculum, due to we aren't doing worksheets really but more learning through crafts and play and exploration. This week was the letter A.

First I introduced the letter A, then we talked about what starts with the letter a and what it sounds like and looks like. Then we did an alligator craft out of the letter A. We cut it out in green construction paper and glued on white teeth and eyes. I cut out the letter A but little G cut out the teeth and glued everything on where he felt it should be.

Next we talked about how apples start with the letter A. And we made a Mr. & Mrs. Apple Head. Just cut an apple shape out of red construction paper for little G to creat his happy apple heads. I gave him the option in mouths, eye sizes, male and female accserorys and sticks and leaves for style stem and legs and arms. He had a blast doing this activity. ( I didn't get pictures of the process because I was helping with the glue gun.)

I say they turned out pretty darn cute! :))

For our last one on the letter A we did an apple tree. I painted his arm brown and his hand green and helped him lay his hand on the paper to make the tree outline and then he used some wine corks to make green and red apples. 

That is the end of our letter A week (TGIF). Next week is going to the letter B. Would love you hear your thoughts and ideas, always love reading comments :))