Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yo Ho Ho, Ahoy, me Hearties!

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Ahoy, me Hearties!

 Today was talk like a pirate day so we decided to get in character by making some pirate crafts. First we did a pirate hat out of newspaper, little g decided that he needed bones on it because he was the captain, so he took some black paint and we used some cut outs as the stencil.

We also made a beard, because well, have you ever seen a beardless pirate? didn't think so, point made. Therefore we made a beard out of black construction paper. First I cut out the beard shape and then little g got to take control of cutting to practice and cut strips to curl around a pencil, then gluing it on the beard to give it more of a scraggly look.

Last but not least we made a parrot, because in every pirate movie or show the captain has a parrot. We took a toilet paper roll and wrapped it in yellow paper. Next I cut out some feathers and made little feet for little g to place where he felt they needed to go to make his new co-captain. He turned into quite the colorful little guy. 

Godspeed! And Good Night!

What did you end up doing for talk like a pirate day? Would love to hear all about it ;)