Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another year older already.....

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Today my beloved Monster turns four. The transition to big kid is almost complete. Gone are even the slightest physical remnants of toddler hood. No more dimpled fingers, no more chubby cheeks, no more cautious steps or pacifier, His words are becoming more pronounced and soon all those silly words and mispronunciations will be gone. 

It’s been a year of lengthening strides, blossoming independence, and growing pains. Not just for monster butt. Because, as much as my heart soars and swells with each new milestone and victory, it simultaneously shatters into a million tiny pieces. I’m learning that every rite of passage is one step closer to the day I can’t solve his problems with a kiss and a cool band-aid.

Far too soon, I won’t be able to shield him from heartache or tragedy.

Eventually I will have to let go.

And it all just goes by so damn fast.

Time Marches On

I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the passage of another year. In many ways, it’s been a complete blur. I wouldn't say I missed it. I just wish I’d paid more attention, slowed down, really listened and enjoyed it. You are the spunkiest little kid I have ever met... not a day goes by when you don't laugh hysterically, filling up the room with joyful noise, and bring happiness to everyone you come across. I find it hard to believe that you've already been through a year of school. You are such a little smarty pants and I love being with you as you discover new things and learn about the world around you. If we're being honest, I could live with fewer meltdowns over silly things, but I know that I'll miss these days when you're older!

I cringe to think of the times I lost my temper with him. Raising my voice & losing my cool over some minor transgression, that looking back now, I can’t even remember. Sometimes I push. Or overreact. Or both.

Thankfully Monster is wise beyond his years. He has a way of steering me back on course with a hug, a giggle, or three simple words spoken with absolute sincerity.

Remarkable Strides

Looking back, from little to big, tangible to intangible, it’s been an extraordinary year.

A is for Amazing

From scribbles and slashes of paint to the most adorable stick people, houses and jellyfish you've ever seen, his artwork is a window into a vivid imagination. If you take the time to talk about what each one means and is. It is more like a story told by the most innocent eyes and heart and just random lines on a paper

His favorite thing to do is practice his writing. Perched on a stool in the kitchen, he asks me to spell a laundry list of words, while he carefully transcribes each one in handwriting that puts the most adoreable smile on his face. 

B is for Best Friend

He has blossomed as a friend this year, he has learned to understand more about his feelings and feelings of others and giving them a hug when they are sad or sharing a very delicious cookie. He has become a great leader, and can be very bossy. 

 But while he can be obnoxiously righteous and downright authoritarian at times, he’s also fiercely protective and amazingly patient.

Monster will go through life with the most incredible ally's and best friend by his sides

C is for Character

It’s not about the ribbons or the records or the stickers. It’s about the character and strength that shine like a beacon, lighting up his determined little face.

D is for Determined 

When you get your mind made up on something you sure do go at it with all the passion you have. One day that will be an amazing quality to have my dear 

E is for Emotional

One thing about you is how in tune you are with your emotions. You are getting good about putting words to them, but you still cry hard, lash out and laugh uncontrollably at times. You are extremely empathetic and kind. 

F is for Friendly 

Not a day goes by that you do not make a new friend you love meeting new people and are so outgoing.

G is for Gentle

Every bug, flower, animal it all gets your most gentle and compassionate touch... Unless its the dogs you seem to be a little rough with them

H is for Happy 

You are always such a happy and energetic kid. I get told all the time how you light up the room. 

I is for Incredible 

You do not know it but you are the most incredible little kid i know. So smart and talented and full of life. Plus you can go to bed late, get up early and still be full of spunk... 

J is for Jovial 

As I said before you are always so happy and joyful 

K is for Kind

To all, Big and small you are beyond your years in kindness and love 

L is for Likable

Still have yet to meet someone who dislikes you. You will go far in life little man

M is for Mischievous 

Yes, that is right. I know about you asking me something and going to daddy when you do not receive the answer your looking for and vise versa. You always have a tell tell sign on your face when you are thinking of doing something your not suppose to... like jumping on the furniture 

N is for Naked

You love to be naked .. lol ..

O is for Optimistic 

You always find the good in everything.

P is for Polite 

You are always using you manors. 

Q is for Quick - Witted 

Extremely clever for a four year old.

R is for Resourceful 

Finding clever ways to get around a difficulty you are having 

S if for Smart

I can not even begin to tell you how incredibly intelligent you are. You figure things out almost as quick as you eat. ( pretty much three bites and your done ) 

T is for Thoughtful 

You always think of how others are feeling and how to make it better. And the pictures you draw or the flowers you pick and the necklaces you make are cherries on top.

U is for Upbeat 

Always so cheerful and full of life

W is for Wacky 

You sure do make up and do some weird things 

Cant think of  for X

Y is for Young

Please stay little as long as you can...  I love you but i want to enjoy your youth

Z is for Zealous 

You are always so enthusastic 

My Wish

When Monster blows out his candles, I’m going to close my eyes and make my own wish.

I’ll wish for the power and strength to ensure his sparkle never diminishes but only grows brighter at 4, 14, 40, and every age between and beyond.

Here is to your birthday little man. you have been such a blessing in my life and i will always cherish you and love you to the moon and back x a million. 


Basically anything with a motor or wheels 
Helping dad work 
Helping mom cook
Going for long walks
Doing crafts
The park
Grandma's suckers
Reading books
Playing job site
 Hot dogs


The dentist 
Any green veggie