Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Have you ever....

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Have you ever ordered something from a company and received the wrong item, you call and they fix it for you and your happy. But, have you ever ordered from someone and something was wrong with your order and you just can't seem to get the company to make it right?

Well I am here to warn you that Luxor Linens is by far the worst company I have had to deal with and forewarn you not to order from them.

Wish I could give them half a star if I had to give them a star at all. This is the WORST company and customer service I have ever dealt with. We order a set of sheets off Living Social 100% Cottton, 1000tc Worth 350-400$. When I received my sheets I was sent the wrong size ( King instead of Queen ) After calling for three days and getting hung up on when on hold multiple times I finally got a hold of someone who explained the reason I received King was because they were out of Queen. After explaining I order Queen because that is what I have and I cannot use the King, I was told that I would be upgraded and a return label was being sent to me.

Almost TWO WEEKS LATER still nothing. So I called back ( now just so you get a feel of how calling these people is like. You have to plan on the next three days doing nothing but calling on and off all day just to sit on hold for 5-15 minutes just to end up getting hung up on ) I got a hold of another lady who informed me my request was never processed. She said she would process it and also include a free gift for my troubles and that it should take 24-48 hours to receive my return label.

Three days later still nothing, So i call back and I am told that it is being processed and to call back the next day if I still haven't received it. Next day, still nothing. I call back and finally get my label and send in my sheets and wait for my UPGRADED set and free gift. I received my so called UPGRADED set yesterday and was baffled, what they sent me as an upgrade was a Cotton / Polyester blend worth 150$. How does that make sense, going from a 400$ set to a 150$ set? and no free gift.

By now I am really frustrated and call back, today i finally get ahold of someone on my third call and I am told that they now have my original sheet set in stock in Queen and I should receive my return label in 24-48 hours so I can send back my joke of an upgrade to get my original set I paid for and possibly a free gift if they remember.

Wonder how long it will take this time.. my advice? Take you money and go to Costco. They have an awesome set cheaper and nicer and their customer service is much better than this joke of a place.