Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Your time as a caterpillar is expired, your wings are ready

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I get asked a lot, how did you loose the weight. Whats your secret?? The truth is there isn't a secret, all it takes it dedication. Some people don't understand there is no quick fix. It took me a long time wondering, why are they even asking me for advice i haven't lost much weight. And one day it hit me..

This is me 1 year ago.

Do you see how my face is, my arms. I never saw myself as really fat or overweight. Sure i wore a size 16-14 in pants and a XL-L in tops. But i was never really hardcore on loosing weight.. i would work out for a few weeks and then not for a month. It was never a priority.

What switched you ask? One day I realized all the mental abuse I was conflicting on myself. All the crying i was doing in fitting rooms, but really what hit me was looking back at pictures. I avoided them, they are just of little G or of my husband and little G. Hardly ever did i find one of the two or three of us together. And i realized things needed to change.

The didn't change fast, it took a whole year of hard work to loose 45 pounds. And I'm still working hard everyday. But while i may not see changes in my body as much anymore. I see them in my mentality and pictures. I don't avoid dressing up, trying on clothes or taking photos. I don't avoid sex with the lights on or walking around in my underwear. I have learned more self love and in that comes inner peace.

But how did i go from the top picture to my current picture?

Weight Training is a huge part of it. When you weight train you work your muscles, and when you work them you continue to burn fat and calories even when you aren't working out, plus it helps carve out your curves. Cardio, but not just on the hamster wheel, you need HITT. And you can't out run a bad diet. So yes, you need to eat less crap. Did i cut out all "bad" foods? No, I don't believe there are "bad" or "good" foods. I believe there is beauty and sanity to balance. Enjoy your life, eat the foods you know aren't the healthiest, but do so in moderation. And learn how to make the bad foods with better ingredients.

There is no pill, no quick fix all option, no easy button. It takes hard work and dedication. But when you really want something, the work will be the easy part, the waiting for the results you want will be the challenge.