Monday, September 21, 2015

Tomorrow we can eat broccoli,Today is for ice cream

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Mondays, do you ever stop and wonder why they got a bad rap? Who decided that Monday was the worst day of the week to have. It brings a new week, new opportunities, new beginnings. Tuesday gets Monday's exhaustion and Wednesday gets humor, Thursday gets last minute stress and Friday gets a party. While Saturday and Sunday get rest and happiness. Why do we let these days affect our moods and activities? Why do we give them so much power.

Do you ever stop and think, I am not promised tomorrow.. did i make the most of today. Did you stop and listen to your child when they were talking to you or where you so busy with the dishes or dinner or work that you shoved it off and said later. When was the last time you went for a walk and looked at life through grateful eyes, truly seeing all of its beauty and wonders. The last time you snuggled your child and was 100% in the moment. No phone, no distractions.

What if you didn't wake up tomorrow, would you look back and cry because the moments you had weren't good enough? or would you smile with serenity and know that those you left behind have so much to remember you by. You are not remembered for the clean house you had, the designer bags you carried or the car you drove. You are remembered by the moments you shared, the things you said and did. You are remembered by the life you lived. Are you truly living if you are spending it cleaning, working, stressing? If you died, who would morn you, not just for a day or two but truly morn and miss you and your presence? Who would come and cry for the loss of you in their life.

We need to live life like our dogs and children. With curiosity, with unconditional love and thankfulness. Everyday is a blessing, we need to treat it like that. We need to allow ourselves to be in the moment, and take more of them for ourselves. Life waits for no one.. Enjoy the little things and have some ice cream