Sunday, November 27, 2011

4 day weekend of sickness

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Well its thanksgiving weekend. Its a four day weekend for my husband whom I believe I got sick. :( so our fun weekend we had planned didn't go as planned( little G has gotten some quality time with dad though as you can see them "shaving" together) Instead we laid around to feel better. Luckily ( knock on wood ) little G is not showing signs of anything but boredom. So last night we took him to the Christmas parade and to see Santa. And hopping of the hubs feels up to it we can go pick out our tree tonight :) and then back into the work week tomorrow :/ only thing about weekends is we get so used to having daddy around that when it's Monday and time to get back into our work we week schedule little G has hard mornings not wanting daddy to leave until thursday and then he's okay but then it's the weekend and it cycles again.