Friday, November 11, 2011

Pretzel rods and fall trees

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Today was kind of an off day for us. We had plans to have a play date but when someone woke up mommy felt it was a better idea to stay home in order to save injury to other kids. Yes that means my child was not in the best of moods.

So instead we did a fall tree craft. We took his hand and traced it and ten followed it down to make the tree trunk. Then gave him a ton of fall leaf stickers to place on it. I think it turned out pretty cute.

Then today's play challenge was to go out side and enjoy the weather whatever it may be. So we went for a walk and played in leaves and went and saw great grandma and grandpa down the street.

After nap we decided to make some yummy chocolate dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles. So we warmed up half a bag of chocolate in the microwave for a minute in a half an I let him go to town.

What did you do today?